The Graph Network is for a scalable decentralized application (dApp)

The Graph Network is a decentralized indexing protocol for organizing blockchain data. Applications use GraphQL to query open APIs called subgraphs, to retrieve data that is indexed on the network. The Graph, developers can build serverless applications that run entirely on public infrastructure. The Graph Network consists of Indexers, Curators, and Delegators that provide services to the network, and serve data to Web3 applications. Consumers use the applications and consume the data.

Decentralized applications (dApps) put users in control of their data. dApps are built using data that is either owned and managed by the community or is private and controlled by the user. This way many products and services can be built on pluggable datasets and users can freely switch between dApps. This will empower millions of developers to thrive individually or in small teams and give users choice and control over how things work.

Decentralized applications are a piece of so ware that communicates with the blockchain, which manages the state of all network actors. The interface of the decentralized applications does not look any different than any website or mobile app today. The smart contract represents the core logic of a decentralized application. Smart contracts are integral building blocks of blockchains, that process information from external sensors or events and help the blockchain manage the state of all network actors.

Source: Ethereum Stack exchange

The future of the Web 3.0 based internet is a future in which users operating blockchain-based smartphones are able to access truly decentralized applications equivalent to Facebook, eBay, Uber, and Amazon, transacting in a peer-to-peer manner with full control over who can access their data.

The best property which people still do not still recognize is that Web3 Infrastructure will enable autonomous internet applications, which can sustain for foreseeable future without any maintenance.


Decentralization and trust minimization is a difficult problem to solve. The Graph team is trying to do that and build an important part of dApp infrastructure.

If you are building a scalable dApp you should look into The Graph protocol!




Dynamics 365 Practice Lead | PhD in Marketing & Doctor of Economic Sciences

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Nina Drokina

Nina Drokina

Dynamics 365 Practice Lead | PhD in Marketing & Doctor of Economic Sciences

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